Under Rough Ridge Writers Retreat

Inverlair Lodge

Under Rough Ridge Writers Retreat

Oturehua. September 2021


This year’s writers retreat enjoyed some fabulous weather with just a hint of snow, designed to inspire those disbelievers from northern climes as to what is on offer in “Central” Under Rough Ridge Writers retreat looks as though it is becoming an annual event with some of this year’s participants already keen to come back next year. How’s that for positive feedback. Writers I have talked to have enjoyed discussions with tutors and other participants. All have been enthusiastic and have declared they have learnt lots.

Mike Riddell. Oct 2021


Supported by Inverlair Lodge

Inverlair Lodge has keenly supported the Retreat through the availability of the Lodge and its facilities for retreatants accommodate and space for group tutorials

Posted by Inverlair Admin on October 07, 2021