Making the most of your stay

The township of Oturehua is not to be missed as it is one of the gems on the rail trail and there are numerous local sights and activities to make your stay memorable

Translated, Oturehua is “The  place where the summer star stands high.”, but up until 1907 Oturehua was known as Rough Ridge after the range of hills the town is nestled below






Just across from the Oturehua Rail Station is New Zealand’s oldest continuously operating general store, Gilchrist's Store. Have a look around at the many shelves displaying nostalgic ‘Kiwi’ products of long-forgotten brands.

Oturehua is also the home of one of the most important contributions to New Zealand's farming. Hayes Engineering Works, on the outskirts of town, was the birthplace of the internationally acclaimed Hayes Permanent Wire Strainer in 1927. Today the mud-brick villa, grounds and workshop are open to the public between 9am to 5pm daily December through April.

At the other end of town on the way to Wedderburn is a very short detour up Reef Road to the historic Golden Progress Mine. Golden Progress Mine displays Central Otago’s last poppet head straddling one of the numerous shafts burrowing deep underground in search of gold-bearing quartz rock.

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